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PNEUMATIC PLUGS recommended for :

  • Water and Sewer Enterprise
  • Enterprise Engineering Installation 
  • Indystry
  • Mining
  • Subunits Fire Brigades
  • Technical rescue
  • Energy
  • Municipal services
  • Army


PNEUMATIC PLUGS- are designed for quick closing (blocking) pipes and channels of  circular or close to circular section - with diameters ranging from 100 to 1500 mm.


  • These types of closures can be used for different types of pipes. Are produced in version which can closes only one diameter, and in version which closes more diameters.
  • TVP closures are used to block the sewer pipes and for closing the outlet during the pneumatic leakproofness tests. In the rubber part of closure TVPP is placed threaded aluminum tube, allowing the flow of the medium. It is used also for closing the inlet during the air leakproofness tests.
  • Closures are made ​​from natural and synthetic rubber, which provides the appropriate anti-slip properties and compressibility. Closures of this type are not reinforced fabric, due to the need of high sensitivity for any deformation and the required leakproofness. All metal parts are made of anti-corrosion material.
  • Closures to 200 mm are additionally fitted with a car valve. Can be mounted to the valve mandrel on the one side and to the plastic handle on the other side. Improves the handling of closures and keeping them in the right place in the pipe.
  • Closures of all diameters are having a valve to filling, which can be easily replaced with quick connection . Eye bolts allow for raising and lowering the closure of the pipe, using a pressure line.



2.pngTechnical data of type TVPP:

TVPP closures differ from TVP closures in this that in the interior of the closure is placed a tube with a diameter from 1'' to 4'' (depending on the diameter of the closure) with internal thread, enabling to screw on quick connection for firehose. It is possible to screwed on to this thread, the ball valve to open and close the drain. For the thread can be screwed into the nut (supplied with the unit) to leakage tests. Ball valves shall be provided on request.

An example of the kit:

  • Closure of the type TVP lub TVPP;
  • High pressure hoses with quick connection;
  • The control valve;
  • Pressure reducing valve.


The main advantages of the closures are:

  • Power supplied , from everywhere available sources of air : pressure cylinders, automotive compressors, portable;
  • Easy transport and storage (small size, low weight);
  • Ability to install in the most inaccessible places of pipeline and sewers;
  • Simple, safe and extremely short installation time  of the set;
  • Quick filling the air from alternative sources allows to block or caulk the pipelines;
  • Fluid resistance in the range of pH 2-12 at 40 ° C.

The manufacturer also performs closures:

  •  Eggshaped (diameters up to 600 mm),
  •  The increased blocking pressure  (TVP-HP from 2.9 to 5.1 bar),
  •  The increased diameter of discharge medium (VP-TVPP to 8 "),
  •  Longer than standard (TVP-DC),
  •  Shorter than standard,
  •  Special  for checking sewer drains (type VJ 600-650),
  •  improved resistance to oil and similar liquid.

What we received thanks to closures ??

  • The ability to protect the land and the environment from contamination at the failure of pipes, tanks, tankers from harmful agents.
  • Extending the opportunities, improving working conditions and facilitating work  for service teams  or technical rescue.
  • Significant economic savings resulting from:

- reduce leaks,

- provide partial supply of water even during the failure and its removal (important for facilities that require continuous water supply - hospitals, catering, food industry),

- opportunity to significantly speed up the work during renovations and network failures.