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Household Pump Station 

Sewage pumping station is the main element to transport wastewater in modern economy of water and wastewater. Discharging sewage to the main collector of sanitary sewer  - gravity or  discharge sewer  ( pressure ) , is a compact , complete object. This system applies particularly where the system of terrain, high groundwater level or a large distance to the point of discharge, do not allow the use of conventional gravity systems .

The pumping station is supplied with complete equipment ensuring its automatic operation .


The advantages of using prefabricated sewage pumping stations :

  • -ready object to the project
  • -complete and compact design of
  • -construction work to a minimal extent
  • -quick installation in the field
  • -maintenance-free work
  • -low installation and operating costs
  • -easy installation and service of pumps
  • -resistant to aggressive environment
  • -does not require constant maintenance
  • -completely sealed and impervious
  • -can be used in all soil and water conditions
  • -high mechanical and chemical resistance

Technical data of pumping station :

  • -height without cover : 1800 to 2500 mm
  • -the diameter of the inner space of the pump / upper area of ​​810 mm
  • -max. outer diameter ( without security prior to departure ) : 1000 mm
  • -weight ( without pump ) : 72 kg
  • -Gate valve and non-return valve : R 1 1/2
  • -Manufacturer : Wilo

Tank equipment :

  • Traverse with the hitch coupling made of plastic
  • Coupling of the discharge pipe of stainless steel
  • Ball valve made ​​of stainless steel
  • Saddle for operating a ball valve made ​​of stainless steel
  • Angle  gate valve
  • Flare to dismantle reinforcement
  • Linkage to remove the pump
  • Set of mounting screws and gaskets

przekrj.jpgPump's Control:

Steering device used especially in household pump stations and pressure drainage systems

General properties:

  •  Steering of monophase pump 230V (to 2.2KW)
  •  Steering of three-phase pump 400V(to 4.0KW)
  •  Integrated main switch
  •  Direct on-line starting
  •  Manual and automatic operation mode
  •  Pump's startup counter
  •  Pump's work-time counter
  •  Methods of level measurement: hydrostatic pressure, 4-20mA sensor, float switches
  •  Protection of the pump: motor overload, double thermal protection, dry run protection.
  •  Microprocessor control system, detecting and indicating:
    - phase loss                                                             - phase imbalance
    - phase asymmetry over 40V, before and after the contactor
    - voltage drop under 190V, before and after the contactor
    - contactor failure
  •  incorporated sound and visual failure signalling
  •  2x16 LCD display
  •  foil keyboard, resistant to temperature and moisture changes
  •  languages: Polish, English, Czech, Romanian



Indications: pump's current, water level, float switches condition, failure notifications, operating status.

  •  Maximum current set value:0-12A
  •  Minimum current set value: 0-12A
  •  Pump's start up delay: 0-240s
  •  Dry run set value: 5-180s
  •  Saving failure messages even after power supply has been cut off
  •  Additional functions: start up delay, 5s work after every 24h standby in order to lubricate bearings.
  • Additional hydrostatic pressure measurement (optional)