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Power supply and controlling switchboards
The switchboards are designed to supply and automatic control of pumps in sewage pumping stations , sludge pumping stations and other objects of this type . Depending on the needs of the switchboard can be fitted with one, two or more positions. The switchboard satisfies the conditions of the technical inspection in accordance with PN -EN 61439-1:2011 and CE required by the Directive: 2006/95/EC and 2004/108/EC.
Switchgear enclosure is made of plastic version with double doors , patent lock and foundation for burial . The degree of protection is IP66 . As a protection against unauthorized access is used patent lock with insert repetitive or unique . In embodiments of the indoor unit is supplied without foundation. Additional protection is the break-in sensor .
Pump control is based on the OPLC controller . This allows you to adjust the control algorithm to existing needs. Standard driver program performs the following functions :

  • automatic alternation work of the pumps ,
  • maintained within certain limits or at a specified level of technological parameters such as the level in the reservoir , pressure in the pipeline or another value ,
  • measurement of technological parameters (level, pressure) using analog or digital sensors ,
  • control of level / pressure , dry running
  • pump work time counter,
  • security control placed in the pump motors ,
  • emergency signalization control with automatic return rozdzielnia_1.jpg to standby mode
  • supply voltage control,
  • sending and receiving SMS messages via a GSM module,
  • access to information stored in the memory controller on the LCD,
  • change the selected operating parameters using the alphanumeric keypad ,
  • break-in sensor support
  • access to the  control of the object using passwords.

It is possible to adjust the program to meet your needs. Switchboards offers also manual control, useful during  repair works in the switchboard or  tank .
On the special attention deserve big opportunities for sending and receiving SMS messages. Each defined in the controller memory SMS can be associated with nine variables. In the simplest solution it is possible to configure up to 16 messages. For more demanding applications we use drivers that allow you to define even more than 100 SMS messages.