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Socla, AVK, Talis ...

... Provide the highest standards of functional ,technological and material, which must meet modern industrial fittings .

To best utilize the available devices for many years, we draw on the knowledge and experience of our partners solving the difficult problems associated with hydraulic processes occurring during the operation of the network and water supply and sewerage facilities

Knife Gate Valves

Knife Gate valves are used successfully to cut off the flow in pipelines by which pass heavily polluted liquids . In particular, are used in sewage system ie. pumping stations and wastewater treatment plants.

Adventages of Knife Gate Valves

Their compact design , greater resistance to semi-liquid and solid elements contamination, and in the case of diameters greater than DN300 - lower price compared with the softly sealed gate valves makes an attractive proposal for the ongoing projects of sewerage systems .


Valves with actuators

Due to advances in the field of industrial process automation has become necessary to allow maneuvering industrial valves and supervision of her work without direct human intervention. To make this possible , the valve should be equipped with devices providing energy that allows to change the position of the working as well as to control its movement.

Device group carrying out these functions are called drives or other actuators

Drives in automation systems

Depending on the degree of technological advancement of automation system  drives , in particular electric drives can be remotely controlled using simple signals such as the desktop dispatcher or for more sophisticated solutions can be equipped with controllers that allow on full integration of the propulsion system automatically supervising operation of the facility .


Vent valves

During the normal operation of pressure pipeline transporting liquids such as drinking water and waste water, air that can be found inside , due to its high compressibility (large volume changes with changes in pressure ) , is a serious threat both to the same pipelines and other system components (pumps, cut-off valves, etc. )

Types of vent valveVent valves due to their functionality can be divided into two groups:

vent valves (or vents ) used to evacuate the air from the system during normal operation , where the volume of  discharged air is relative small to the total working volume of the system (pipeline).
vent-aeration valves which also includes the functionality of the input and output large volumes of air ( comparable with the whole system ). Typically, vent-aeration valves are constructed as a element of a two-stage.s





Non-Return Valves

Non-Return Valves are an essential element of any pressure installations in which there is  fluid flowValves functions are as follows:

provide flow in the desired direction
protects the pump from the aeration at the suction section
protects the pump against the effects of water hammer in the discharge section
protects installation against pollution of returning fluid