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Pumping Station

In co-operation with company:

Infracorr Sp. z.o.o.

8th Chrobrego Street, 80-423 Gdansk

We made rainwater pumping station PD1


Co-operation with the Spanish company TOSCANO.

About Company

JBK-SYSTEM is a company active in the field of water and sewages. The basic profile of activity is the production and services for construction of water and sewage facilities.

We provide technology solutions and services "turnkey".


We specialize in providing comprehensive services in the field of its investments in the range:

- pumping stations

- complete technological systems of water and sewerage facilities

- power supply and controlling switchboards

- anti odour filters

- selecting, services i mounting pumps

Our presence in the industry dates back to the eighties and nineties of the last century. For several years we have completed hundreds of diverse objects representing today a solid references technical, commercial and financial, giving the guarantee of our reliability in daily contact with customers.